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Wellness and Fitness

Health (08001)

Credit: 0.5

Prerequisite: Required for graduation. Can be taken any year

All students must successfully complete this course in order to graduate. The students will be introduced and engage in classroom health activities that will promote a healthy lifestyle. This is a required graduation course and may be deferred to an academic year of the students choosing. This class must be taken in conjunction with another half-year course.

Team Sports (08002)

Credit: 0.5

Students will be taught and assessed on their knowledge of the rules, strategies, techniques and skills needed to participate in activities such as: soccer, football, softball, frisbee, football, basketball, tennis and badminton.

Advanced Fitness Techniques (08013)

Credit: 0.5

Students will learn various techniques that will lead to improved strength, flexibility, posture and toning of muscles. Students will be introduced to fitness classes commonly found at local gyms and recreation centers such as pilates, yoga, kickboxing, interval training, and Zumba.

Body Sculpting and Toning with Light Weights (08009BS)

Credit: 0.5

Students will be instructed in the correct methods of weight training using machines and dumbbells along with conditioning techniques designed to improve athletic performance and physique. Students will be given the opportunity to perform various methods of weight training and designing their own workout program, which they will follow and adjust as needed. Emphasis will be placed on improving strength, body shaping, agility, and commitment toward personal goals. Students will learn the names of major muscle groups and the corresponding exercises and machines that work these muscle groups. Students will record their personal workouts on a daily basis.

Conditioning, Weight Training and Fitness (08009)

Credit: 0.5

Students learn the correct methods of weight training and conditioning techniques, in the weight room or on the track, that are designed to improve athletic performance. Emphasis is on improving strength, agility, quickness, power, speed and flexibility through the use of free weights and some mechanical weights. This course is open to all students.

Adaptive/Modified Physical Education (08007)

Credit: 1.0

Prerequisite: IEP requirement, medical referral, or administrative discretion

This course is for students who are unable to participate in a regularly scheduled Wellness/Fitness class. Students who have physical limitations may be scheduled into this program. The class is designed in cooperation with the student’s physician and the wellness/fitness staff.

Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (08055)

Credit: 0.5

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Health

This course is designed for students interested in fields such as athletic training, physical therapy, medicine, fitness, physiology of exercise, kinesiology, nutrition, and other sports medicine related fields. Topics include class work and practical hands-on application in the following areas: prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries, taping and wrapping of injuries, first aid/CPR, emergency procedures, and sports medicine careers. In addition to work in the classroom, students will be required to intern after school with the Certified Athletic Trainer in the Athletic Training Room and at home sporting events.

Basic Swimming (08010BS) - Restriction of 24 students per class

Credit: 0.5

This course will benefit those students in need of the basics of Beginner’s Swimming. Students will gain confidence and experience through a logical progression of skill-based experiences. Students will undergo a thorough training of safety procedures and will engage in a variety of water games and activities. Students will follow a certified Red Cross curriculum.

Water Sports & Fitness (08010WS) - Restriction of 24 students per class

Credit: 0.5

Prerequisite: Students must pass swimming test and approval by teacher

In this course the student will be instructed in various water activities including: water polo, water basketball and water volleyball. Students will also be instructed in snorkeling and other water games and relays. There will be a swimming skill unit that reviews the 10 swimming strokes.

Lifeguard Training (08010LG) - Restriction of 24 students per class

Credit: 1.0

Prerequisite: Students must be able to meet the following requirements as demonstrated to the swimming teacher: be at least 15 years of age; able to tread water for two minutes using legs only while their hands are out of water; able to swim 300 yards (21 laps) continuously using a variety of strokes; and do a 20-yard swim into deep water and surface dive to 7 feet to retrieve a 10 pound brick.

This course will give students American Red Cross certification (cards) in the following areas: lifeguarding, first aid, and CPR for the professional rescuer. Students, therefore, must pass all skill and written tests as well as the hours of instruction requirement. Other cards which can be earned are: AED, Oxygen Administration, Prevention of Disease Transmission and the Waterfront Module. There is a minimal fee of $35.00 that goes to the Red Cross for its administration fee.

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